Sall-Mar Resort
Bay De Noc Charters
7989 US Highway 2
Rapid River, MI 49878

Welcome to Sall-Mar Resort and Bay de Noc Charters
The fish that made the Bays de Nocs famous.  Once overharvested, almost to the brink of extinction, the Bay de Noc walleye population was brought back to record levels in the 1990's and early 2000's.  Through intensive stocking efforts by the Michigan D.N.R.,  in cooperation with groups such as the Bay de Noc Great Lakes Sportsfishermen, and the hard work of individuals like retired D.N.R. fisheries biologist Jerry Peterson, the Bay de Noc walleye population continues to thrive.  Mother Nature provided an excellent walleye hatch in 2007, and these fish are providing a fantastic fishery in Little Bay de Noc right now.  This past winter also saw more "trophy" fish being caught throughout the bay.  A local group called "walleye restoration" has also been planting both Big and Little Bay de Noc with advanced fingerling fish the past two years.  With overwhelming support, the slot limit has also returned to Little Bay de Noc, allowing only one fish over 23 inches in an anglers 5 fish daily creel limit. Due to the much smaller population of Alewives in Lake Michigan the past few years, there is really no "tough bite" anymore like we used to see when the Alewives would come into the bay to spawn. The walleye fishing is good now from the May 15th opener and all summer long until it ices up in December. The future is bright for Bay de Noc walleyes!!!