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Smallmouth bass
May 15th has always marked the opening day of pike and walleye season in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but now many anglers look forward to this day for another reason.  This day is also opening day of the U.P. catch and release bass season.  Once thought of as a southern fish, the bass is moving up the ladder of sought after fish in the Bays de Noc area.  The highly successful B.A.S.S. Federation Northern Divisional Tournament that was held here in 2010 has focused national attention on the incredible bass fishery we have.  The fishery is comprised mostly of smallmouth bass, but there are a few largemouth's too...if one knows where to look.  The early season fishery is mostly for pre-spawn fish and can be quite good as these fish first move to shallow gravelly areas or up rivers.  Once spawning is complete (which can be as late as mid-June depending on weather) the fishing remains pretty consistent throughout the summer months.  Every drop-off, rock pile, reef, or underwater point will hold bronzebacks.  Once the waters cool in the fall, the fish school up at the base of sharp breaks and the fishing can be phenomenal for fish that some days can average 4 lbs., and that's a good avg. fish anywhere in smallie country.