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Northern Pike
Tackle-busting, toothy, slimy, ferocious, powerful; these are all words used to describe one of the most fun fish to catch in the Bays...the northern pike!  Not many anglers actually target pike, and that's one reason there's a healthy population of  pike in the bays.  Every year there are many trophies over 40 inches caught throughout both bays.  Casting spinner-baits over or near weeds is one of the best presentations, however, if one truly wants a giant of a toothy critter...then trolling in the open water near schools of baitfish like alewives and smelt is the place to go.  One of the nice things about fishing the Bays is that there are so many ways to catch fish.  If you just want to anchor and toss out bobbers and can do that too.  Summertime sees mostly smaller fish dominating the catch, but as the water cools in early fall, big fish return to the shallower weeds and drop-offs providing some great pike fishing.